Statement of Stance

futekiya Library Against the Illegal Distribution of Boys’ Love (BL) Manga

Dear Readers of the futekiya Library,
Thank you for your continued support of the futekiya Library.
We, the futekiya team, have been working to deliver officially licensed and translated manga content to satisfy members since July 2019. Sadly, we have found that some content from futekiya Library has been ripped and reuploaded illegally to manga aggregator websites that host both scanlations and unauthorized rips of officially released manga.
Such illegal distribution of licensed BL content ruins the experience for the majority of fans who lawfully enjoy official releases of BL manga. These criminal actions may even lead artists and publishers to believe that making manga available for English-speaking fans is equivalent to giving content away to be illegally reuploaded. Once this point is reached, artists and publishers may well decide to cease releasing any content for non-Japanese readers, physically and digitally.
The last thing the futekiya team wants is the experience of legitimate BL fans to be destroyed by the few who choose to unlawfully reupload content.
In order to address these illegal reuploads, we will work with relevant agencies and take legal action after considering all possible measures.
The ideal case for all readers, artists, publishers, and distributors is for manga content to be made available digitally and on paper through legitimate means, and for it to be consumed just as legitimately, thereby building a healthy cycle. This cycle would then allow more manga content to be produced, meaning more manga content delivered to readers, and repeat.
In saying this, we do not mean to advertise futekiya Library solely. Rather, we are encouraging all readers to lawfully consume manga, be it from futekiya Library, other digital services, or physical copies. If your favorite titles are available for you to legitimately consume, please do so. If your favorite titles are unavailable in the language, region, or price point you prefer, instead of consuming illegitimate versions including scanlations, please let publishers and distributors know what you want.
As an official site, the futekiya team will continue to take action against the illegal distribution of manga. We greatly appreciate your support of the the futekiya Library and for helping us to confront this issue.
The futekiya team

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