I Can't Help Falling in Love

I Can't Help Falling in Love

Mata Kimi ni Koi wo Suru

Yura Miyazawa



Eight years after he ran out of the locker room, popular host Houshou reunites with the ace of his high school soccer club, kind and earnest upperclassman Saotome. Neither of them had ever gone any further with their shared dream - but after all that he's shaken up in Saotome's life, will he ever have the right to ask why?

Volume 1

  • Arrives on June 21. 2021

    ~Love Comes Again~ Part 1

  • Arrives on June 22. 2021

    ~Love Comes Again~ Part 2

  • Arrives on June 23. 2021

    ~The Love Approach~ Part 1

  • Arrives on June 24. 2021

    ~The Love Approach~ Part 2

  • Arrives on June 25. 2021

    ~Accept The Love~/ Epilogue

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