Alpha Squadron Al-Ranger

Alpha Squadron Al-Ranger

Alpha Sentai Al-ranger


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In the omegaverse, alphas, betas, and omegas are born into inequality. One day, as three little boys played in the mountains, their hometown Omega Forest came under attack of the alphas. The three boys survived but were never the same again. Twenty years after their world flipped upside down, Homura, Satsuki, and Minato begin their revenge on alphas to avenge their fellow omegas who fell victim to the brutal attack. Their name: Dark Omega Their goal: Get revenge on alphas Their weapon: Pheromones...!? The Dark Omega execute their plans, but they won't have an easy time terrorizing the country when the Alpha Rangers come to fight back!

Volume 1

  • Arrives on June 21. 2021

    Alpha Squadron Al-Ranger #1

  • Arrives on June 22. 2021


  • Arrives on June 23. 2021


  • Arrives on June 24. 2021


  • Arrives on June 25. 2021


  • Arrives on June 26. 2021

    My happy family plan/ Between the AlphaRanger and my happy family plan

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