NenNen-SaiSai: Years of Color

NenNen-SaiSai: Years of Color



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In the past, a down-on-his-luck poverty god gets saddled with who could possibly be the laziest man ever, and in the present, a death god has to deal with the longest-living man ever. A collection of stories based on the Japanese rakugo stories "Binbougami" and "Jugemu."

Volume 1

  • February 8. 2021

    Goldfish Scooping

  • February 9. 2021

    Uprooted Flowers [Part I]

  • February 10. 2021

    Uprooted Flowers [Part II]

  • February 11. 2021

    Uprooted Flowers [Part III]

  • February 12. 2021

    The Omukai Family Affair

  • February 13. 2021

    Bonus Chapter

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