An Unmapped Country, Somewhere In This World

An Unmapped Country, Somewhere In This World

Sono Yo no Dokoka Chizu ni Nai Kuni

Nikke Taino

Julian Publishing

MediBang Inc.

This title was localized and published by MediBang Inc. The localization policies for this title may differ from those released by futekiya.

Intrepid traveler Shin has been to practically every country on the world map, except for the blank space around 500 kilometers away from his homeland. However, the moment he takes a single step forward, he's immediately captured and told that anyone who comes to Oraie can never leave. As Shin carves out a place for himself in Oraie, he gets to know more about its young leader Musutia, who bears the responsibility for Oraie's fate and future on his frail shoulders. He also meets Musutia's beautiful retainer Noe, whose duties often entail giving Musutia a ""healing kiss."" But is this just a ritual between master and servant? Or is there potential for it to blossom into anything more?

Volume 1

  • September 12. 2020

    story 001

  • September 19. 2020

    story 002

  • September 26. 2020

    story 003

  • October 3. 2020

    story 004

  • October 10. 2020

    story 005

  • October 17. 2020

    story 006

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