You Are My Princess

You Are My Princess

Kimi wa Boku no Ohimesama


Julian Publishing

MediBang Inc.

This title was localized and published by MediBang Inc. The localization policies for this title may differ from those released by futekiya.

Highschooler Itsumi Tachibana has a reputation of being a good-for-nothing delinquent due to his scary face and intimidating aura. His classmates steer away from him without having the faintest idea that Itsumi is actually just an average guy who loves cats. But it doesn't matter; with the support of his two friends, Itsumi is okay with his daily life. But things take a turn when student council president, Seima Takajo confesses his romantic feelings for him after a chance encounter at the Student Council Room. Seima's determined to do one thing - make Itsumi his princess!

Volume 1

  • July 18. 2020

    story . 1

  • July 25. 2020

    story . 2

  • August 1. 2020

    story . 3

  • August 8. 2020

    story . 4

  • August 15. 2020

    story . 5

  • August 22. 2020


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