Child X Adult Equation

Child X Adult Equation

Kodomo x Otona no Houteishiki


Julian Publishing

MediBang Inc.

Crybaby Chiharu grew up to be a popular heartthrob, and rough-around-the-edges Satoshi grew up to be a real soccer nut. They've always been together ever since they were in kindergarten, but there's one secret Chiharu's never telling Satoshi - the identity of the person he likes!

Volume 1

  • July 19. 2020

    An Adult's Manual #1

  • July 26. 2020

    An Adult's Manual #2

  • August 2. 2020

    A Child's Manual - The Junior High Student Edition

  • August 9. 2020

    A Child's Manual - The High School Student Edition

  • August 16. 2020

    Child x Child Equation

  • August 23. 2020

    Girlish Boy After School Lesson

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