I Want To Feel You Because I Like You

I Want To Feel You Because I Like You

Suki Dakara Furetai.


Julian Publishing

MediBang Inc.

This title was localized and published by MediBang Inc. The localization policies for this title may differ from those released by futekiya.


Ono works as a dentist at the Takaki Dental Clinic. While most of his patients are kids, his work is made easier by a young ghost named Masaki. For some reason, only Ono and the children get a sense of Masaki's existence, and the ghost's cheerful personality makes the children calm down. Masaki likes Ono a lot, but Ono is still caught up in the memories of his past love. Will Ono ever move on for him to accept Masaki's feelings despite the latter being a ghost?

Volume 1

  • June 7, 2020

    Chapter 1

  • June 14, 2020

    Chapter 2

  • June 21, 2020

    Chapter 3

  • June 28, 2020

    Chapter 4

  • July 5, 2020

    Chapter 5

  • July 12, 2020 Final Chapter

    Puppy love

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