Rational Pervert Romance

Rational Pervert Romance

Riseiteki Pervert Romance



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Sho knew from a young age that he was gay, and everyone around him knew it and had generally been very supportive. He was also very clear that he had a specific fetish: a beautiful, red blush! Sho always thought he had a preference for the cute, blushing type, so he was surprised when he felt electricity flow through him at the sight of Nao blushing on stage while being forced to wear women’s clothes as part of a college event. Once Sho set his target on Nao, he thought he was extremely clear and upfront about his feelings for Nao, but it took Nao a little time to realize that Sho wasn’t joking at all – He really wanted to pin Nao down and have his way with him at any cost!

Volume 1

  • May 26, 2020


  • June 2, 2020


  • June 9, 2020


  • June 16, 2020



  • June 23, 2020 Final Chapter

    Rational Pervert Romance: After Story

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