Aiming for the Moon, Becoming the Star

Aiming for the Moon, Becoming the Star

Tsuki o Mezasu, Hoshi ni Naru


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Still a high schooler, Misumi is a skilled pianist with dreams of becoming professional. But, after a traumatic experience in his past, Misumi struggles to perform in public. When Minatobe suddenly begs Misumi to teach him how to play the piano, Misumi gradually overcomes his fears and through their friendship and then relationship.

Volume 1

  • February 7. 2020

    Chapter 1

  • February 14. 2020

    Chapter 2

  • February 21. 2020

    Chapter 3

  • February 28. 2020


Volume 2

  • Arrives on March 6. 2020

    Chapter 5

  • Arrives on March 13. 2020

    Chapter 6

  • Arrives on March 20. 2020

    Chapter 7

  • Arrives on March 27. 2020

    Chapter 8

  • Arrives on April 3. 2020

    Chapter 9

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