God is Probably Left-Handed

God is Probably Left-Handed

Kamisama Wa Tabun Hidari-kiki


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Determined to pay off his father's debts, Yano works to create counterfeit money for the yakuza. Though he is really good, Yano can't quite make his "artificial" money perfect. That is, until he has Makura, a man skilled at art and creating counterfeits, thrust onto him by the yakuza. Given permission to use him anyway he will Yano use his human copy machine?

Volume 1

  • February 6. 2020

    God is Probably Left-Handed

  • February 13. 2020

    Chapter One

  • February 20. 2020

    Chapter Two

  • February 27. 2020

    Chapter Three

  • March 5. 2020

    Final Chapter

  • March 12. 2020

    Short Story

  • March 19. 2020

    You're like Technicolor

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