Tales of Strange Coincidences in Kawabata-machi

Tales of Strange Coincidences in Kawabata-machi

Kawabata-machi Yorozu Kientan


SHODENSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd.

Amimaru Translation and Localization Services Ltd

One fateful day, the Suzushima Appraisal Research Company recruits Chisa Hirako, an unassuming college student, as a part-timer. Without much thought, Chisa enters the mysterious company and joins company president Suzushima and Uozumi to investigate “the authenticity of objects.” Chisa soon discovers through his investigations strange coincidences and threads of clumsy romance.

Volume 1

  • January 22. 2020

    Chapter 1

  • January 29. 2020

    Chapter 2

  • February 5. 2020

    Chapter 3

  • February 12. 2020

    Chapter 4

  • February 19. 2020

    Chapter 5

  • February 26. 2020

    Chapter 6

  • March 4. 2020

    Chapter 7

  • March 11. 2020

    Extra Chapter

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