The Vacation in Love

The Vacation in Love

Yuge to Yuuwaku no Vacances

KARI Sumako

SHODENSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd.

Amimaru Translation and Localization Services Ltd

Exhausted from work and still recovering from the end of a five-year relationship, Suzaki swings by a nearby public bathhouse when his home bath breaks. Suzaki, much to his surprise, finds the public bath healing and starts visiting often. As he nurses his tired, naked body, Suzaki befriends Ken, an employee at the bathhouse....and notices Ken pays more attention to him than the other customers. Though Suzaki isn't interested in men, Ken's warming presence might make him think twice...

Volume 1

  • October 4. 2019


  • October 18. 2019


  • October 25. 2019


  • November 1. 2019


  • Arrives on November 15. 2019


  • Arrives on November 22. 2019