My Neighbor Was a Porn Star

My Neighbor Was a Porn Star

Hikkoshi saki no Rinjin wa AV Danyuu Deshita



Amimaru Translation and Localization Services Ltd

After a faltering acting career, Haruto Sakurai finds success as a porn actor. Haruto's life would be pretty good if it weren't for his stalker. Daily phone calls, presents, and the feeling of being watched have become part of his everyday life when Haruto meets his new neighbor, Chiaki. Unlike his stalker, Chiaki seems friendly and nice. But, as Haruto starts to feel closer to Chiaki, the stalker is becoming more intense!?

Volume 1

  • September 15. 2019

    Chapter 1

Volume 2: I'm Troubled by How Erotic My Boyfriend Is

  • September 22. 2019

    Chapter 2

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