It's Fine Even If It's Just a Dream

It's Fine Even If It's Just a Dream

Yume Demo Yoshi

AYU Yamane


Amimaru Translation and Localization Services Ltd


After a scandalous allegation of sexual harassment destroys his career and blossoming romance with a subordinate, Kiyosaki transfers to the countryside. But, the past trauma still haunts Kiyosaki even as he tries to settle into a new job. In his office, Kiyosaki’s coworkers have plenty of small-town charm and introduce him to the best local place to eat. There, he meets the cook, Sou, a curiously silent young man. Kiyosaki continues to cross paths with Sou he gradually adjusts to his new reality. But, one fateful drunken night pulls Kiyosaki into Sou’s life...

Volume 1

  • August 9, 2019

    Chapter 1

Volume 2

  • August 16, 2019

    Chapter 2

Volume 3

  • August 23, 2019

    Chapter 3

Volume 4

  • August 30, 2019

    Chapter 4

Volume 5

  • September 6, 2019

    Chapter 5


  • December 1, 2019


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