Sneaky Red

Sneaky Red


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Content Warning: Contains depictions of violence and dubious consent Lately, Misaki's life has taken an odd turn. Going to work has become more difficult. It isn't because he hates his job. Instead, Misaki is struggling to show his face to work because a brash college student called Kushiro is regularly bruising up his face. Misaki's fights with Kushiro should have been normal. A typical jab here, an ordinary bruise there. But, as Kushiro keeps throwing the punches, Misaki realizes he might just like it.

Volume 1

  • July 1. 2019

    Chapter 1

  • July 4. 2019

    Chapter 2

  • July 11. 2019

    Chapter 3

  • July 18. 2019

    Chapter 4

  • July 25. 2019

    Extra Story and Bonus Track

Volume 2

  • October 3. 2019

    Conversations About the Past and Future

  • October 17. 2019

    Chapter 1

  • October 24. 2019

    Chapter 2

  • October 31. 2019

    Chapter 3

  • November 14. 2019

    Chapter 4

  • November 21. 2019

    Chapter 5

  • November 28. 2019

    bonus track

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