Motion Emotion

Motion Emotion


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One day by chance, Ayumu learns his handsome, popular, and younger co-worker Takeru has a crush on someone. Ayumu encourages Takeru to make a move. But every time he does, he notices Takeru standing a little too close to him. Then again, why does his heart pound so much when Takeru stands near him? As Ayumu wonders how he feels about Takeru, Takeru finally makes a move...on Ayumu! Motion Emotion also features “Seachange” and Murderous Youth,” BL short stories by Thanat!

Volume 1

  • July 1. 2019

    Motion Emotion

  • August 1. 2019

    Motion Emotion 2-1

  • August 8. 2019

    Motion Emotion 2-2

  • August 15. 2019

    Motion Emotion 2-3

  • August 22. 2019

    Murderous Youth

  • August 29. 2019


  • September 5. 2019

    Seachange 2

  • September 12. 2019

    Motion Emotion Bonus Track